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e-mail: stefano-pratesi@libero.it

I’m Stefano Pratesi, a Tvc Commercials, Features Film and TV Series director. I’m also scriptwriter. I’m 53 y.o. and I’m based in Florence, Italy.

I have 20 years of experience in the field. I started like assistant producer for Film Master Film Bologna (Italy) and after 3 years I started to work in Director departments.

I have been worked like first Ad for features film and Tvc commercials, I have been worked like second unit director, co- director, director, both for commercials and features film, for foreign and Italian production companies, Italian Tv series.

I have been worked in Romania, for Carlo Production company for some commercials like director.

Like scriptwriter I have been written several commissioned screenplays, for Mediaset Group (Carabinieri 5 , 6 and 7 season) and RAI, Italian public television, (La Squadra – Italian Police in Naples) but also for English features film Producers like “The fountain of Love Productions”. For them I wrote several screenplays, the most famous is “Love and Virtue” (Orlando Furioso’s story); I have written for my own several low and high budget projects, both for features film and TV series fiction. (Drama, comedy, thriller) One of them won the renewed “Solinas Prize” in Italy (Beyond the River, a thriller comedy).

When I was working like first AD I usually work with Movie Magic Scheduling software program. I speak and write in English language.

I really would like have an opportunity to work everywhere: I can work like second unit director, co – director, director (TV series fiction, commercials, features film) or like scriptwriter. I can work everywhere, with all foreign staff.

I attach you my c.v. and the link of my web site where you can watch something I shot and read my c.v. and see what premiere features film and TVc Commercials are under my belt.

Any case, could we collaborate in some your projects for your production Company extra Tvc Commercials? I have also some low budget screenplays, for TV series and Features.


Stefano Pratesi